Wednesday, September 26, 2012

IExamen 1

Mike Oteri
iExamen 1
Dr. Ellis

Today I practiced the Jesuit tradition of self-practice. For the length of the day I took close analysis of how I communicated with others. I communicated with many different people for example my friends, professors, and my baseball team. For each I noticed how we communicated differently.
First my professors, the way I spoke to them was very different than the way I communicated with my friends. One major change was the dialogue in general, when speaking with professors I always would try to use my best vocabulary. Another change would have to be body language in class it is important that I would at least act like I was paying attention, and sit up straight to make the professors see that I am truly interested.
Communicating with my close friends is much different than communicating in class. With my friend’s body language or few words was enough to let them know what I was thinking. While sitting and studying with a friend with headphones in a simple nod was enough to let them know I was heading out. I also culminate with friends greatly with texts “wanna get lunch” or “whats up” is a common phrase I would send out when looking to hang out.
Lastly the way I communicated with my baseball team was drastically different than with my professors or even friends. For the most part we would communicate greatly through Facebook. That is not the only way we communicate though, because I am a catcher I communicate with the pitchers greatly through the use of signs.
The hour when I disconnected myself from electronic ways of communicating was extremely difficult for about the first 15-20 minutes. I was running around trying to find someone on the baseball team to find out if we had practice. After I found out about the practice I seemed to forgot about the rest of the hour and it was actually really nice to be able to relax and just hang out with my roommates without having to worry about checking my phone, or email or anything.

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