Thursday, November 29, 2012

Memorable experiences

Throughout the semester so far I have found the course very interesting and thought provoking. Therefore picking one event or a discussion that stood out more than the others is quite hard. Regardless of all the moments of inspiration and the many things i have learned, the most surprising thing that has happened was the even that I went to that Louis Eagle-Warrior spoke at, then attending his Powwow.

The event was one of the most memorable I have ever had. This is because of eagle-warrior's hostility towards his small audience. The event made me think about things a little different, but the powwow that I later attended had a greater effect on me. At the powwow none of the native Americans felt hostility towards me because they were able to practice their beliefs freely. 

Another aspect of the course that I really enjoyed was the student lead classes. The student lead classes offered a change in the weekly classes in which I would be lectured at. Not only did the student lead classes allow me to get to know my classmates but also offered new insight to readings. It allowed me learn things in an exciting way, and sometimes in a more simplistic manner than a teacher may be able to offer.

The event lead by Eagle-warrior, combined with his tribes powwow, offered new insights into the native American lifestyle. Similarly the exciting class-led discussions gave me an opportunity to get to know my peers, while also showing how poetry and literature can be viewed from many different angles. 

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