Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Day of Kindness
                Wednesday October 24, 2012 would be a day unlike any other. Today I would practice self-awareness and only communicate with people with, kind, useful, and true words. I knew that the day would be a great challenge for me, seeing how usually I am a very sarcastic person. Regardless, I would have to give myself to the activity fully, and I am glad I did. The day was a day the was filled with joy, and one that should not be bound to just happen once, when I need to be kind, true, and useful just for a homework assignment.  
                Tuesday October 23, 2012 I just realized that I have not started the iExamen that would be due the next day. I got extremely nervous about the assignment, knowing that I am a sarcastic person and the fact that my friends and I always poke fun at each other; this examen would not be easy. So for the rest of that day I tried my hardest to be as sarcastic as possible, getting all the jokes out of me.
                It is Wednesday now and I wake up to my roommate being extremely loud, as usual, I have a couple options here yell at him, try to go back to sleep, or just yell at him again. Keeping in mind the examen that I am participating in today I decide to turn over and not say anything as I listen to him bang the drawers around and zip up his sweatshirt, which seems like the longest, and loudest zipper in the world. Soon enough he was gone and off to class, and I was sleeping again, I am glad that I did not get frustrated with him as it would have just been in that moment and probably would have upset him as well as myself. I am in calculus now and we are getting back a test from the previous class, one that I know I did not do well on. The girl next to me starts to ask everyone what they got so that she could pompously say that she got a perfect score, instead of telling her no one cares, which simply no one did, I told her that she did a great job. Not only was this statement true, and kind, it made her happy, and everyone else around us happy because she stopped bragging. These two small examples were able to show my kindness was able to make not only mine, but peoples day around me better.  
                Wednesday October 24, 2012, was truly a day unlike any other. The examen where I practiced self-awareness, uttering just true, kind, and useful words, proved to be beneficial to me and also others I interacted with. At the end of the day I felt like a better person, a feeling I would like to have again. I plan to continue this examen and hopefully it will have a long lasting effect.  

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