Thursday, October 18, 2012

You're a Yankees fan?!

Frances Amodeo
Understanding Literature
Dr. Ellis

You're a Yankees fan?!

            As I was driving down York Road on a beautiful Friday afternoon, on my way to my very first day of service I couldn’t contain my excitement.  When I pulled up to 5504, I saw a huge sign that read Tunbridge Charter School.  I was so excited that when I tell you I ran inside, I’m not joking.  The second I entered through the huge wooden double doors, which by the way were something out of Harry Potter, I felt an insane rush of warmth and happiness.  There were little children running around in t-shirts with TUNBRIDGE written all over them.  I felt a very strong sense of school pride and love for the students that I had never felt before at any of my previous service sites.  As I signed in at the front desk and put on my bright “visitor’s pass” sticker, I walked toward the second floor gymnasium and I knew at that moment this experience was going to be life changing.
            As I walked across the gymnasium, I got a great big welcome by the Health and Fitness teacher, Ms. Trees.  Right away she introduced me to the second grade class and asked me to tell them a little bit about myself.  So I told them that I was sophomore from New York, and that I was a HUGE sports fan who LOVES the Yankees and Giants.  For about a minute afterwards I got some ill grills, a couple of boos and a handful of orioles and ravens chants shouted at me, especially since the biggest game of the season between both of our teams would be taking place that night! Despite our great sports rivalry we had created a new and beautiful bond and from that moment, forward, I was “Miss Frances.” Before I knew it the children were coming up to me introducing themselves, giving me hugs and asking me if I wanted to race them.  At this time I was still in my cowboy boots in preparation for the Zach Brown Band concert I was going to later that night, so I sat down, threw on my highlighter purple sneakers, which the ravens fans all appreciated since it was Purple Friday after all, and got ready to have a ball, literally!
            Within minutes I had about ten new best friends, it was incredible.  Tobi, Tanisha, J’aquan, Janaya, Payge and I were assigned to the same team and boy did we have a blast playing kickball!  I was so impressed at how athletic and enthusiastic these seven-year-olds were!   As they rounded the bases we were all there for each other to throw some high fives their way.  Their laughter was absolutely contagious and it made me smile so hard that I thought my face would never leave that position.  Afterwards, Ms. Trees decided to do some conditioning, so that meant the pull-up bar.   It’s always been pretty obvious that I don’t have much upper body strength but I have to admit that I was quite embarrassed when these seven-year-old boys were doing more than me, they felt like Superman, and I absolutely loved it!  The best time had to have been when we did the rainbow parachute.  I know it was my favorite because it brought back such wonderful childhood memories.  I don’t think I’d ever seen children so enthusiastic and happy about life that when three o’clock came around I was sad I had to leave.  
            I cannot wait to see what each week has in store for me, but God has a plan and I’m ready and super pumped to embark on this service journey.

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