Monday, October 29, 2012

Poem Main Claims

Megan Ferguson
Prof. Ellis
October 29, 2012
Main Claims in Tuesday's Poems

William Carlos Williams--"This is Just to Say"

This poem is very straightforward and the speaker is choosing his words very wisely. This poem sounds like a note that would be posted on a refrigerator for the person who's plums were eaten would read. The speaker's tone also translates into a type of guilt about eating them. He also commands that he  is forgiven for eating them. He justifies his actions of eating them by describing how good they tasted, which strikes me as a little humorous.

E.E. Cummings--"l(a"

This poem's main attribute is its form. If you read the words between the parentheses it says "a leaf falls," and the rest of the poem spells "oneliness." If you only read the first letter of the poem and add it to the one "oneliness" you get "loneliness." I interpreted this as when a leaf is falling from a tree it is alone, just as we are when we are lonely. There are themes of loneliness and isolation in this poem.

Ezra Pound--"In a Station of the Metro"

This poem conveys the emotional feelings that the speaker was feeling at the exact moment in time at the Metro. The elegance of human life is described when he compares the faces to the "petals on a wet, black bough."The faces of these people are present and absent at the same time.

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