Thursday, October 25, 2012


Tiaira Walker

“I think I’m genuinely a nice person” I said before my roommate busted out laughing. I sat there with a blank stare wondering what was so funny.  “Oh you’re serious? …Well I guess you are” she said.

Over the course of the day, I was instructed to only say what was kind, useful, and true. This seemed like an easy assignment. I had many presumptions of how this day would be that did not exactly go as planned. While observing myself I noticed a lot about my actions, others actions, and how these actions can effect a whole day. I think that knowing the effects of words is important in how we conduct and portray ourselves as individuals.

Before beginning my day, I discussed with my roommate what I was supposed to do and how to do it. To fulfill the aspects of being kind, useful and true, I honestly thought that being myself would be enough. I did not realize that there definitely has to be a conscious effort, at least a little, to complete this task. We let our emotions and feelings change the way we interact. When I am sad, I rarely talk to anyone. When I am happy, I want the world to know so I engage in lot of conversation. Keeping up appearances also effects how you interact. Just because you say something doesn’t mean it is sincere and truly coming from the heart. Some people say things because they feel obligated to and others do notice this. I hoped that this would not happen to me.

I woke up with intentions of having a happy, chipper day. I felt that this was the only way I could be kind, useful, and true. The first thing I reach for in the mornings is my phone. I receive a lot of text in the morning from family wishing me a good day. I usually don’t reply because it happens so much. Although today, I made the conscious effort to do so. I realized that they take time out every morning to show me that they are thinking about me, the least I can do is reply! That was STRIKE 1 for my assumption that I am naturally kind, useful, and true. Loyola’s campus is really crowded in the mornings, especially on the way to class. Holding the door has become innate…for some. My parents taught me to always hold the door, along with other manners that I sporadically see used on campus. I saw someone on crutches hobbling towards the door and I ran to open for them. I would have done this any other day even without the assignment. I really hate to see others struggle and always want to help in any way possible. I know I would want others to do the same. TIAIRA 1! Just yesterday, I was walking right behind someone and they allowed the door to close right in my face. Individuals like this are exactly what they are “individuals.” We must not let the wrong-doings of one person effect our actions toward a whole population. I am not going to lie, when this happened I was inclined to not be kind and generous to others. It had given me a really bad attitude. This assignment allowed me to further see the error in this.

In certain environments, I am not really a talkative person. I think that this is a result of fearing that I will be ignored. I have been in a lot of situations where people just don’t take what I say into consideration at all. So why waste my breath? This has changed a lot over the years because I have learned to “shake it off.” This means that I don’t let it hinder future experiences and encounters. If we didn’t have the ability to “shake” something off, do you know how many angry people we would have in this world? While doing this assignment, I have learned that not saying anything is not the same as being kind, useful, and true. Sometimes the absence of words is just as bad as saying something mean. There was a girl struggling in Jenkins lot. She looked really lost. I could have not said anything to her but she looked like she needed help. She was a freshman, unfamiliar with campus, who had missed her motorpool ride that was supposed to meet in the lot. I helped her find numbers and call the necessary people and find a cab to get where she need to be. Imagine if I had just walked by. What would that have said about me? What kind of reflection would that be on Loyola? I naturally would have helped her without the assignment. TIAIRA 2!


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