Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iExamine 2

When I learned that the second iExamine task included observing whether my communication is kind, useful, and true, I imagined that my communication itself might change slightly. I knew that practicing self-observance throughout the day would most likely cause me to converse in a more positive and productive way. However, I did not really expect that it would go much beyond this.
            As I started of my day, I observed that although much of what I was saying was not mean or unpleasant, it was not extraordinarily kind either. While the day progressed, I made a conscious effort to speak more benevolently. I found that the more I spoke in this positive way, the better I felt inside. It brought about a special kind of powerful energy, lifting me up to a better mood. In turn this naturally made what next came out of my mouth more pleasant, becoming a cycle with each good continually fueling the next. Speaking the truth in a well-natured way really felt really right in my heart. I knew that I was being sincere to my own self and to others, which caused a certain warmth in my heart, knowing that it was useful and beneficial. I also found that the more I was speaking kindly, the more my thoughts and actions were also kind. Speaking in a kind way caused me to also view things in a more positive perspective. Overall it improved me as a person in actions, words, and thoughts.
            At the end of the day, I reflected back on all that had occurred throughout the day. I realized that speaking in kindness, usefulness, and truth only brought about favorable consequences. I could not discern anything negative to come forth from it. Thus, I decided that I really should make a conscious effort to incorporate this practice into my daily life. Although it is impractical to assume that I would be able to make all that I say kind, useful, and true, it is reasonable to commit a mindful effort in hopes that it may become habitual. 

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