Thursday, October 25, 2012

iExamen 2

 For my iExamen, I spent an entire day speaking only what was kind, useful, and true. In doing so I learned a great deal about communication and the interdependence of words and attitudes. This is significant because meaningful interpersonal communications and a positive mental attitude are crucial elements to a successful life. Through the process of speaking truthful, useful, and kind words, I have learned how communication greatly affects personal attitudes.
I selected Sunday for my iExamin assignment. After waking up I began mentally preparing myself for the day. I constantly reminded myself to say only what was kind, useful, and true. My anxiety over the difficulties of this task made my wonder how I usually respond to others. Do I normally say mean, useless, and untrue comments? I laughed this off and began my day. I decided not to tell my friends of family of the assignment so that the experiment would remain organic, and also so that they wouldn't pry into my deepest darkest secrets. My interactions that day consisted of speaking with my mother over the phone and spending time with friends in Charles Village.
Through my careful use of positive, truthful, and useful words, I noticed the positive effect this had on others. Especially through my use of kind words, my friends spirits seemed more uplifted while we were conversing. For instance, my friend was in a troubled mood after discovering he had failed a midterm and would be forced to withdraw from a class. Instead of merely empathizing with him, through my carefully-constructed words I offered feedback that adhered to the assignment. I told him that I felt bad for his situation, but went on to tell him how intelligent he is and that he will surely make it up this next semester. Through the use of words, especially kind words, I noticed his improved mood throughout the day; improving his mood was highly gratifying for me as well. Likewise, through the application of kind, useful, and truthful words I noticed an overall positive environment with my other friends as well.
Perhaps the most revealing aspect of the day was noticing the words that weren't useful, kind, and true. Numerous times throughout the day, I would discover that I have gone a period of time without filtering my words. This would prompt me to reflect upon what I had said. Various times I caught myself complaining for the sake of complaining. While I was speaking perhaps truthfully, my words were anything but kind, and especially not useful. I also noticed that I had previously felt much more serene while conforming with the demands of the assignment. This acknowledgment is important because I was more aware of the effects my words had on my attitude, and vice versa.
I've learned a great deal about attitude and the effects of communication from this assignment. When I was carefully selecting my words, my mindset was more focused on others. Filtering words of kindness, truthfulness, and usefulness led to a more positive mindset with my friends and also improved my mental state as well. However when I neglected to filter my words, I often found myself complaining. Complaining offered nothing to the world but negativity and in return, cast that same negativity upon myself. If I neglect the lessons learned and succumb to complaining, my relationships and personal attitudes will suffer in return. However if I adhere to speaking words of kindness, usefulness, and truthfulness, I will surely form more meaningful and satisfying relationships; which will also mean a more fruitful life!

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