Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mike Oteri
Event Analysis

My mindset when first thinking about trying Zen meditation, as Patrick said in class it seemed ironic that I first could not seem to fit the time in to my schedule to attempt the meditation. Similar to many works we have examined in class, at first glance it might seem to be something different than it truly offers. One work that he looked at that seem to connect to the Zen meditation almost flawlessly would be Whale Rider.

When I first thought about doing Zen meditation I honestly did not know if it was a great idea, a new change in my schedule I just did not think I had time to do. I was pretty nervous I did not know if I could sit in the same position for so long without moving or even falling asleep. I did not know how long I could just relax without falling asleep. To be honest for the first fifteen minutes or so this is what I was thinking about and how I felt. After about twenty minutes of the meditation it really started to hit in, my breathing began to truly slow down, I became pretty successful at emptying out any thoughts that entered into my mind. By doing this all with my eyes clothes it seemed to me that I became a third person spectator of my own self, it was a weird feeling that never happened to me before I became aware of everything around me, but almost simultaneously it did not really seem to matter to me in that moment, It was a truly ineffable moment.

It is puzzling to think that at first I was resistant to the hour and a half long meditation, just as Koro in Whale Rider was resistant to his own granddaughter being so successful. But, not unlike myself, Koro has a change of heart when he becomes aware of the powers that Kahu possesses. Just as I had a change in my mindset in the middle of the meditation when I felt the true powers of it. This is not the only parallel between Zen meditation and the novel of Whale Rider, throughout the whole novel Kahu is attempting to become one with nature, especially the sea mammals that her tribe once had such a great connection to. Although during the meditation I would not say I was trying to fulfill a void between myself and whales, I was trying to become at peace with myself accepting all flaws and acknowledging my strengths.

After the Zen meditation I honestly felt refreshed, a similar feeling Kahu in Whale Rider must have felt when she was able to make her grandfather, Koro proud. The meditation was a very unique and interesting experience that I hope my schedule permits me to take part in again.  

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